Today is a day in November, 2017

I like this page, so I created one:

I haven't updated my NOW page in so long; this is why I would never be a good blogger, and it's the same reason I stink at Twitter!

I just published a new longform essay on Aeon about the psychological science underpinning CBT. I'd like to make the slogan of this essay into a t-shirt-- It Is What It Is.. maybe something like, "Dude, it is what it is."

My new ebook "Love, Loss, and the Space Between" is no longer new, but is still available on Amazon! $3.20. You can't beat the price...The link should send you to Amazon site. If you like it, please spread the word!

Here's a whiteboard explainer video about the new book!

With my colleagues Julianne Holt-Lunstad (BYU) and Ted Robles (UCLA), we just had a new paper come out in the American Psychologist on prioritizing "social connection" as a public health concern. Here's the press release with free access to the papers... lots of good ones!

We had a new paper out on narrative expressive writing and heart changes over time following marital separation. Check out the press release. Here's the paper.

We also have a new paper out on body mass, inflammation, and changes in cognition over time. Here's the UA News story. And, here's the paper. And, here's an interesting NPR story on the general topic that includes a link to our paper.

We have a new paper out on divorce and health that pushes hard for good theory in this area. See it here.

I am also working on an interesting new project to prevent type 2 diabetes. Here is a brief piece from the APS Observer on the project.

I published a paper last year on social integration and sleep disturbances came out this spring in the open access journal, Collabra. I am going to do a lot more BG work now-- lots of cool questions out there using this method. I keep saying this but never getting around to it. If you'd like to collaborate on some genetically-informed quasi-causal studied, shoot me an email!

I am President of the Academy of Clinical Psychological Science, a professional organization dedicated to promoting training in clinical science. Check out our website! We just launched a "Flexibility Fund" initiative for grad students from Academy Programs. Check it out here!

Since this is a professional website, I won't say much here about my kids and family life (see the busyness essay!). We have two kids (Margot is 6+ and Mateo is 9+), and I try to spend as much time with them as possible until I lose my patience, then I try to work as much as possible until I miss them. This cycle repeats itself on a regular basis... sometimes daily!

Have a nice week!

Dave Sbarra

Tucson, Arizona