Today is a day in September 2021

I like this page, so I created one:

We got a new grant!

Role: PI (MPI Award with J. Andrews-Hanna). NIH/NIMH R01, #1R01MH125414-01: Connected Lives - Overcoming the Self through Empathy (CLOSE): A Dyadic, Multi-Method Study. April, 2021-January, 2026

Here's a longform essay appear on Aeon about the psychological science underpinning CBT. I'd like to make the slogan of this essay into a t-shirt: It Is What It Is.

My ebook "Love, Loss, and the Space Between" is no longer new, but is still available on Amazon! $3.00. You can't beat the price...The link should send you to Amazon site. If you like it, please spread the word!

Here's a whiteboard explainer video about the new book!

I am the Past President of the Academy of Clinical Psychological Science, a professional organization dedicated to promoting training in clinical science. Check out our website! We just launched a "Flexibility Fund" initiative for grad students from Academy Programs. Check it out here!

Dave Sbarra

Tucson, Arizona